Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekly Webinar: Exploring the Telerik Sales Dashboard for Silverlight and WPF

This week's webinar is back in my court and the topic will be Telerik's new Sales Dashboard demo application. If you've not already seen it, the Telerik Sales Dashboard is a new "best practices" application that Telerik created that highlights the value of the common code base and shared API of the RadControls for Silverlight and WPF. It shows you how you can build an application with enterprise-quality patterns and practices that- thanks to the RadControls- can be easily targeted at WPF, XBAP, or Silverlight deployments. Among the things the Sales Dashboard shows you:

  • Using Microsoft Prism for application composition
  • Use of MVVM (Model View ViewModel) pattern
  • Using the RadControls for Silverlight, WPF
  • Reusing Silverlight app code in WPF (and XBAP)
  • Using Telerik OpenAccess ORM for data access
  • Exposing data to Silverlight/WPF through WCF services
In this Thursday's webinar, we'll explore this application, highlighting some of the unique aspects of its implementation that you can draw upon to build better XAML applications. We'll explain the basics of things like Prism and the MVVM pattern, helping you get up-to-speed on these popular XAML frameworks. Finally, we'll even build a simple Silverlight application and port it to WPF during the webinar to drive-home how easy the task is with the RadControls. Should be fun and information packed. The webinar is at the normal 11 AM Eastern, this Thursday, June 11th. It will be recorded and will be on TTV shortly after the live event. Register now to save your seat and I'll see you on Thursday. Register for Sales Dashboard webinar now


Lino Tadros said...

Hi Todd,
Please fix the date at the bottom of your post. June 8th is not a Thursday.

Todd Anglin said...

Oops! Thanks for the eagle eyes. Updated to the 11th.