Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Build an application with Telerik RadControls, Win a pass to PDC

Now here's a deal for those of you looking for a budget friendly way to get to PDC in LA this November. INETA is running a new contest called the "INETA Component Code Challenge: Building .NET Applications with Reusable Components" and two lucky winners will get complete "scholarships" to PDC 2009 (including airfare, hotel, and conference passes)! All you have to do for your shot at the prizes:

  1. Build a .NET application using at least 2 components from at least 2 different approved vendors (such as Telerik and /n Software)
  2. Create a 3 - 5 minute WMV video of your app showing how you used components and why your app is cool
  3. Submit your video by August 25th to codechallenge@ineta.org
That's it! Winners will be announced on September 14th, and even if you don't snag the grand prizes, 8 additional lucky runners-up will get "prize packs" full of licenses for .NET tools and components. For complete judging criteria and rules and all that biz, be sure to visit the official INETA Code Challenge website. So let's review:
  • Build a cool app with Telerik's components
  • Create a short video
  • Very good chance at winning airfare, hotel, and pass to PDC 2009
And to up the ante even more, I'd love to give you more reason to build a cool app using Telerik's tools. If you win the contest and build an app using Telerik's components, I'll personally take you out to dinner at PDC 2009 and feature your app on Telerik TV and Telerik Watch. If you record a video for this contest and use Telerik controls, be sure to send it to me, too. We'll award the best submission that we receive with a $50 iTunes gift card. PDC, prize packs, iTunes gift cards- what are you waiting for?! Build your cool app today and get those videos submitted.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering... can we use the demo version of RadControls? Most of us likely don't have $800 to buy something for personal use. :) I didn't see anything about it on the Ineta site.

Todd Anglin said...

@Anon- Yes, certainly. I think that is well within the rules of the competition. And if you win, you just might get those licenses you can't afford. :)


Remco Ros said...

It's worthwhile to note that the contest is only open to legal residents of the US and Canada.

unlucky me...