Friday, June 05, 2009

OpenAccess ORM book now available in print (update)

Like the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX books before it, Telerik OpenAccess ORM now has a complete learning guide available in print. Authored by the courseware master Noel Rice at Falafel Software, "Telerik OpenAccess ORM Made Easy" is over 200 pages of all the information you need to get started with OpenAccess ORM. Among the topics you'll cover in this complete guide:

  • Introduction to ORM and OpenAccess
  • Getting started with OpenAccess tools
  • Using OpenAccess in simple applications
  • Using OpenAccess in n-tier applications
  • Using transactions
But it doesn't stop there. The book also provides in-depth information on "advanced" OpenAccess topics, such as query optimization and complex mapping. You can view the entire table of contents in the book preview on So if printing the free PDF version of this book sounds like too much toner, this print version can be yours today for just $20. Enjoy! See OpenAccess ORM Made Easy on Lulu
UPDATE: The free PDF version of this learning guide is now available on


Unknown said...

Can you post a link to the "free PDF version" - there's nothing listed under ORM in the Documentation section.


Anonymous said...


Todd Anglin said...

Hey guys- Link is coming. I didn't realize the PDF wasn't linked on yet, but it will be there soon. I'll update this post when it's live. Sorry the delay.


Gregory Wilmes said...


Step-by-step Tutorial – Telerik OpenAccess ORM :

(PDF is not 10MB, it is 50MB.)

Gregory Wilmes said...

Okay... there is a mistake, PDF link is for AJAX controls. Zip link is the good one.

Todd Anglin said...

@Gregory - You're on top of things. The PDF was just posted to, so thanks for sharing the link. I've informed the web team that the PDF link needs to be fixed, so that should be correct soon. I'll also update this post with the link.