Monday, June 15, 2009

Real sites running on Sitefinity

I don't cover Sitefinity often on Telerik Watch, but from time-to-time I do like to highlight all the fun things happening with Telerik's rapidly maturing CMS platform. For those of you not keeping-up with the Sitefinity news, Sitefinity is currently in version 3.6SP2 and the next milestone on its road map is a huge upgrade coming later this year that will be dubbed "Sitefinity 4.0." It is increasingly becoming a popular platform for .NET developers to build sites of all sizes, so I thought it would be fun to highlight a few for your viewing pleasure.
You can find Sitefinity powering everything from Kia Motors to Project (Red) to Atkins (yes, the diet). Check out some of the Sitefinity implementations from the list below:
And that's just the tip of the iceburg. You can find over 350 sites implemented using Sitefinity by browsing the Sitefinity Showcase Gallery. Sitefinity's flexibility is what really makes it powerful, so it really serves as an "accelerated development platform" for any ASP.NET developer that wants to build any site with powerful content control features. Browse the gallery to see a full range of examples of how Sitefinity is being used.
For more in-depth coverage of Sitefinity, don't forget to bookmark Sitefinity Watch. SW is managed by Telerik Sitefinity DE Gabe Sumner, and it's the best place to stay current on all your SF news. You can also keep-up with Sitefinity on Twitter by following @sitefinitywatch.


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