Friday, July 24, 2009

New Q2 WPF & Silverlight videos on Telerik TV

So far I've highlighted all of the new videos for the Telerik RadControls for WinForms and the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX that have found their way to Telerik TV in support of the recent Q2 2009 release. If you're a XAML developer, though, there are also lots of new videos to support you, too! Our XAML evangelist Evan Hutnick has been hard at work preparing new videos to help you get started with the RadControls for WPF and the RadControls for Silverlight, and there are more videos in the pipeline that will be online soon. For now, check out these freshly minted videos: Getting Started with RadWindow for WPF Getting Started with RadToolBar for WPF Getting Started with RadCombobox for WPF Getting Started with Telerik Drag & Drop for WPF Getting Started with RadScheduler for Silverlight Getting Started with RadChart for Silverlight (including 3D charting!) We hope you enjoy these "bite size" training videos and that they help you get the most out of your RadControls. Telerik TV is regularly being updated with new videos, so don't forget to subscribe to the Telerik TV RSS feed to catch all of the new videos as they're posted.