Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Telerik Silverlight Contest, Win $500

Are you disappointed you did not win during the recent Telerik Q2 2009 Release Week contests? Don't fret! Your next chance to win prizes from Telerik- this time in the form cold, hard Amazon Gift Cards- is already here. Telerik has kicked-off a brand new "Silverlight Contest" where you can show-off your work with the RadControls for Silverlight in-exchange for prizes. All you have to do to enter this contest is:

  1. Build an application with the RadControls for Silverlight (you can even use the trials)
  2. Create a 1 - 2 page case study describing your project
  3. Submit the case study by September 14th, 2009
That's it! Your case study will be voted on by the community during the open judging period September 15th to September 22nd and if your case study gets the most votes, you win. What do you win? Here's the basic prize breakdown:
  • 1st Place - $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Place - $300 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd Place - $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • Top 15 - 5000 Telerik Points
  • Everyone - Cool Telerik T-Shirt
There will also be a raffle drawing to give away 5 licenses for the RadControls for Silverlight (or license extensions if you're already a customer). So what do you have to lose? Everyone gets a cool Telerik t-shirt (and our shirts are cool, just ask around), and you have a pretty good shot at walking away with some cool prizes. You've got about 60 days to build those apps and submit your case studies, so get to it! And if you want to talk about your efforts on Twitter, use the #telerikslc (for "Telerik Silverlight Contest") hashtag! Complete contest requirements and details


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