Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Q2 WinForms videos on Telerik TV

Just because the "official" Q2 2009 Release Week is behind us does not mean that the new resources for the Q2 bits will not keep flowing. For example, today we released four new videos to Telerik TV that will help jumpstart your work with the RadControls for WinForms Q2 2009 release. Specifically, the videos help you get started with the new RadDock for WinForms and some of the new features in RadScheduler for WinForms. You can catch the "Getting Started with RadDock" video embedded in this post, and then catch all of the Q2 WinForms videos (released so far) on Telerik TV in full, high-quality resolution: Getting Started with RadDock for WinForms Saving and Loading RadDock for WinForms Layouts Codeless Data Binding with RadScheduler for WinForms Adding Custom Fields to RadScheduler for WinForms Appointments Validation with RadGridView for WinForms


Lino Tadros said...

Nice. My only suggestion would be to change the border color or depth or something of the floating window in Visual Studio to give a visual indication in VS that the window will show up as a floating window. Because VS will not allow you to show the floating window in the designer, I believe Telerik should still find a good solution to visually tell the user which windows are going to be floating without have to run the app or go back to the Telerik Designer to test it.