Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tweet This: Telerik Q2 2009 Twitter Contest

As you know by now, Telerik is hosting an exciting week of webinars during next week's big Q2 2009 release. There will be a webinar everyday and prizes everyday, too (with a lucky Grand Prize winner taking home a free pass to the PNP Summit and a Premium Collection license). But if attending webinars isn't your thing- or if you just don't have the time- there is now another way for you to get in on the Q2 2009 release fun. Next week, Telerik will be running a "Q2 2009 Twitter Contest" and two lucky winners will take home Telerik Premium Collection licenses. The rules to play are simple:

  1. Between 12:01 AM July 6th and 12:00 midnight July 10th, tweet about the Telerik Q2 2009 release
  2. Include the "#telerikq209" tag in your tweet for your tweet to be entered in the contest
  3. Sit back, enjoy the release, and wait for the winners to be announced on Monday, July 13th on my Twitter account (@toddanglin)
You can tweet about the Telerik Q2 release as much as you like, but we'll only include one "entry" in the random prize drawing per person (or more accurately, per Twitter account, which generally should be one entry per person). You can craft your own original tweet or simply re-tweet what others are saying (just don't forget the important hash tag). If your tweet is really good, we may even feature it after the release on various Telerik online properties (so put those creative tweeting caps on). There aren't many easier ways to have a shot at winning Telerik's $1300 Premium Collection, so take a minute to share your thoughts on our 2nd major release of the year and you just might win a prize!