Monday, July 13, 2009

Twitter Contest winners announced, Thanks for the Q2 tweets

One of the contests we ran during last week's big Q2 2009 Release Week was a fun "Twitter Contest." To play, all you had to do was tweet with the #telerikq209 hashtag between Monday the 6th and Friday the 10th. And boy did you tweet! There were well over 300 tweets last week (excluding Telerik-generated tweets) from 150 unique tweeters with the contest hashtag. The tweets ranged from the simple, "just enough to play": "#telerikq209" (7 people came-up with this creative tweet all on their own) To to the much more original tweets, like this one from @jbrahy: "Here's my entry into the telerik sweepstakes. #telerikq209 and I have to admit, they have great products if you want a cool webapp." Or this one from @iioshius: "How about a non-#dnd post? I just saw the #telerikq209 3D chart - whoa. Just whoa. Can't wait to drop it into our upcoming Silverlight app." In fact, there were many very cool original tweets, and I'll try to compile some of my favorite in to a list later this week. A big thanks to everyone on Twitter for helping Telerik spread the news of the Q2 2009 release. We work hard to make the best tools and components possible for .NET and we are always happy to see such positive feedback on public forums like Twitter. We hope you enjoy working with the Q2 bits for the next 4 months (and then get ready for the Q3 2009 bits!). Which brings us to our Twitter Contest Winners! Selected at random (using the convenient Random Line Picker tool) with only one entry per person, the winners are... [Click to reveal winners] @coridrew and @MitchellMc Congrats and thanks one last time to everyone for joining in the fun. If you didn't win during the Q2 Release Week, don't worry! Q3 is only a few short months away and it will bring a whole new set of chances at winning!