Friday, January 15, 2010

Charity Weekend Kick-off

Team Telerik is in Dallas and getting ready to kick-off a weekend of intense charity and web development. As I type, the kick-off meeting is underway and more than 75 developers are being prepped for what lies ahead. In a few short minutes, teams will break, meet with their charities, and start the 48-hour push to the 2:00 PM Sunday delivery.

Team Telerik is here serving double triple duty:
  • We're training the many teams using Sitefinity CMS
  • We're capturing lots of video for Telerik TV and Facebook
  • We're building a site for a charity!
Our 5-person team will be blogging throughout this process, capturing the process of building a website from beginning to end with Telerik's tools. We'll publish these posts over the next week so you can learn from (and critique) our process.
And remember: we'll be capturing special video content exclusively for our Telerik Facebook page! If you're not a Telerik Facebook Fan, this weekend is a great time to become one so you can enjoy our extra content.
That's all for now. I'm off to find some caffeine and start the development clock.
[P.S. Most of us are on Twitter, too. Follow my weekend updates @toddanglin.]