Thursday, January 28, 2010

Public Information Tracking System now live on

If you've been around Telerik for any amount of time, you've probably had this thought: Telerik is awesome, and their support is uber-awesome. I just wish I didn't have to bother them to keep-up with different issues and feature requests they're working on. I wish I could just track bugs and features on my own. And it would be super cool if I could get automatic notifications of changes to the issues I care about! Or something like that. Your wishes have been granted with the release of our new Public Information Tracking System, or PITS. PITS is a Silverlight-based tool that is connected directly to the Telerik Team Foundation Server, where internal teams log and update all of their work items for the various Telerik products. That means PITS gives you a direct look at our plans and progress as we work on improving and enhancing the tools from release to release. It's an unprecedented level of transparency for a software company, but we are that committed to delivering the best possible support communication. The version of PITS you see today is technically a "preview," and more features are planned for the "official" release, such as issue filtering, grouping, and better integration is the existing support ticket system for issue submission. Still, in today's PITS you can:

  • View Open, In Progress, and Resolved issues for all products for the current cycle
  • View details for each "issue" (an issue can be a bug or a feature request)
  • Add issues to your "Tracked Issues" to receive auto updates on status changes
  • Directly download fixes to resolved issues
  • Vote for open issues! (more on this in a second)
  • Comment on and discuss issues
  • See charts showing issue progress over time
PITS is built with the RadControls for Silverlight, so it's also a great showcase of a truly smart use of Silverlight for a LOB application scenario. Don't miss the RadTileView implementation! Try minimizing and maximizing the different tiles to see how the data presentation dynamically changes. By far one of the cooler features! Finally, don't miss your chance to let your voice have an even louder impact on our product plans. We always listen to customers, but in the past, customers rarely get to see what other customers are saying. With the new PITS voting system, you can publicly vote for the open issues that you think are more important than others. We'll be using this feedback to directly prioritize our TFS work items, and it will now be clear if you're the only person who wants a feature or if it's a feature that everyone wants (i.e. votes are public). PITS is an incredible tool and it's available to all customers. Check it out and let us know what you think. We have lots of great improvements planned, but we hope you enjoy this new level of involvement in the Telerik development process!