Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting ready for Q1 2010 Telerik bits

Time marches on. The year 2009 is now soundly in the review mirror and it's time to start looking ahead to 2010. The first major event of the year- the event I know you've been building your entire schedule around- is the Telerik Q1 2010 release (planned for March 2010). This is going to be an exciting release cycle. Trust me.

I can't share everything now (clearly), but you can start to get a glimpse of what's coming by looking at the recently updated road maps for the Telerik developer products. The Silverlight, WPF, and ASP.NET AJAX road maps are currently live, and others for Reporting, WinForms, and ORM will be coming soon (I've got some "inside" reports in this post, though). In the mean time, here are some highlights:
  • New Controls! - Filter: A stand alone filter UI control that can be used with Grid and ListView - AsyncUpload(!): A async file upload control from Telerik (i.e. upload with no postback)
  • (Some) Cool Enhancements (there are many) - RadCaptcha: Audio CAPTCHA support - RadEditor: RTF & PDF import/export - RadGrid: Improved filtering UI, new Rating column - RadScheduler: Auto UI for indicating "out of view" appointments - Out-of-the-box JavaScript IntelliSense (for VS 2008 & 2010) - New common skin: Windows 7
  • General Improvements - Major focus on streamlining control templates, minimizing assembly size (SL), streamlining/simplifying control templates, and improving animations/transitions (i.e. a major "improve what you've got" release) - SL4 beta support (this release will still be primarily SL3, though)
  • New Controls - (Beta) RadEditor for SL & WPF(!): based on SL4, early preview (this control will grow in 2010) - (Official) RadMap for SL & WPF: Official release of control intro'd in Q309 - Transition control: new tool for making animation configuration easier
  • (Other) Major Improvements - RadGridView: Built-in paging UI - RadChart: New optimizations for handling millions of data points - RadScheduler: New UI virtualization for better handling of many appointments
WinForms will be getting a radically improved (all new, in fact) Visual Style Builder and a revamped data engine for the RadGridView. The road map will be updated soon, and a beta of the Q1 work will even be available early next month!
Reporting is focusing on some major improvements to the data engine, too, and it will move rendering of Silverlight reports from the server to the client (making performance of that viewer better because only data will travel the wire). Improved chart data binding in reports is also expected.
ORM has a very cool road map. I can't reveal much here right now, but stay tuned (sorry). It should be worth the wait.
The other developer tools- MVC and JustCode- are being updated, too, obviously. Both are betas, though, so they don't have formal road maps at this point. JustCode is being constantly updated, so you can join the beta if you want to keep-up with its progress. MVC is focusing on adding data editing support to the Grid, along with providing the necessary UI Extensions for supporting data editing (like a Calendar/DatePicker).
See. It's going to be a big Q1. First beta (WinForms) drops in a few weeks, so start making time now.


Grégory Wilmes said...

Great to see some big work on animations and transitions :)

Is there any news about release date for a Q1 WPF beta ?

(also maybe this is a module problem but my Firefox 3.5 keeps crashing on your website, (...) seems to be the problem)

Michael Josiah said...

I like the import/export pdf feature for the RADEDITOR. Will they make this feature available without using the Radeditor on the form? Probably a stupid question but I would really like the ability to export HTML to PDF in code and not rely on the RadEditor to be displayed on the form.

Todd Anglin said...

@Michael- The PDF features in Editor and Grid are primarily designed for exporting content created in those controls, so they are not oriented towards programmatic PDF creation (like, let's say, ABCPdf.NET). I'll try to find out if you can use the APIs in "non-conventional" ways, but either way, there are probably better tools for that exact scenario.


Gregory Wilmes said...

Q3 2009 SP2 are out for ASP.Net/WPF/Silverlight , I am surprised as I understood there was no other SP after SP1. Always happy to see SPs.

1 SP per month is a good thing for us :)