Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First webinar of the New Year this Thursday at LIDNUG

Now that the holidays are winding down and work is starting to wind back up to its modern, frenetic speed, it's time to get back to business. And that means it's time to attend another webinar! But before I get to the details...

Happy New Year! Hopefully by now you've seen the Telerik 'Happy Holidays' video on Telerik TV. If not, check it out for a quick New Year's message. Everyone at Telerik is very excited about the possibilities 2010 presents and I know you are going to be very happy to see some of the new and improved products we're working on. Keep your RSS reader's locked-in to Telerik Watch for all the latest and greatest, and for even faster updates, follow @toddanglin and @telerik on Twitter.
This week I'll be doing the first webinar of the year at the LinkedIn .NET Users Group (or LIDNUG). LIDNUG is one of (the?) largest DNUGs by membership count, and all of their meetings are done virtually through Live Meeting. At this meeting, I've been asked to provide a quick lap around the Telerik developer tools. We're obviously doing a lot these days, so it's easy to miss something that could be saving you time. This webinar/meeting will try to draw your attention to our various tools for developers, highlighting how they save you time. If you're interested in Telerik and ways to save time, this event is for you.
Register for the LIDNUG meeting now and then join us on Thursday, January 7th (tomorrow) at 11:00 AM PACIFIC (1:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Eastern).
Oh! And I'll be giving away 2 Telerik Premium Collection licenses, too, making this also your first chance to be a winner in the New Year.


Andy said...

Todd, thanks for the informative presentation! Were the results of the license giveaway announced? I stayed through the end but didn't hear the results.

Todd Anglin said...

@Andy- As soon as we get the list of attendees, we'll select the winners and get them posted. Sorry for the delay! Hopefully winners will be live later today.