Thursday, January 14, 2010

Telerik Charity Weekend (this weekend)

Team Telerik (literally) will be participating in the "We Are Microsoft" Charity Challenge Weekend this weekend in Dallas, Texas. We Are Microsoft is the original Give Camp. In short, it's like Habitat for Humanity for developers, where developers contribute their time "doing what they do"- writing software. Here's how it works:

Teams of developers volunteer to build websites for charities. The challenge starts on Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday. In that time, teams must build a complete website for their assigned charity and then demo it on Sunday for a chance at winning prizes.
It's a weekend of caffeine, sugar, snack food, no sleep, and lots of developing.
I know. A normal weekend for many developers, but let's assume this is a more intense, focused weekend of the aforementioned vices than other developer weekends.
This year, Telerik is not only sponsoring the event and providing training to the many developers using Telerik tools and Sitefinity CMS, we are also participating as a development team. We will be building a new website for WHO (We Help Ourselves), an organization that provides education to children to help them avoid becoming victims of abuse.
We will be chronicling our adventures of building a website in 48 hours with Telerik tools in blog posts that will be published next week. We will also be capturing some of the process on video that will be exclusively published to our Telerik Facebook page. Become a fan of Telerik now on Facebook to keep-up with our video journal!
It will be a great weekend of giving back to society, and Telerik is proud to contribute to this charitable effort. Stay tuned for our flurry of updates this weekend, and forgive us in advance if the sleep-deprived, caffeine-stoked posts are not perfect!