Tuesday, January 23, 2007

asp.net ajax 1.0 released!

The ASP.NET AJAX RTM has finally been released! If you read my post last week, today's release date should not be a surprise, but it is a welcome event none the less. The freshman version of Microsoft's official AJAX framework is a 1.4 MB download that has been highly anticipated since the original bits were previewed in November 2005, and I expect this release will finally get the attention of developers who have been reluctant to code against a rapidly evolving beta framework.

The official ASP.NET AJAX website (http://ajax.asp.net/) has been updated with new release content and a fresher look. Several documents have also been created to help developers migrate CTP and RC applications to the RTM (you'll need to make some Web.Config changes and update any pages that use the AutoCompleteExtender to move from RC to RTM).

This release marks the beginning of a big year for ASP.NET with LINQ, WPF/e, and the "Orcas" Framework update all yet to come. The release also means telerik should be able to deliver the r.a.d.controls for ASP.NET Q4 2006 SP1 by the end of the week. If you watch Telerik Watch then you're among the first to get this news as most of the other major blogs (including Scott Guthrie's) have yet to run this story. So spread the news and have fun with the new bits!