Friday, June 06, 2008

Announcing Telerik Trainer, RadWebinars

When you're faced with choosing between 3rd party developer tools, what are the most important factors to consider when making your choice? Features? Price? Licensing model? Support? All of these clearly play some role in the decision making process, but I'd argue that when it comes to developer tools support- before and after the purchase- are of unique importance. Unlike other software products or services you might buy, 3rd party developer tools (like the UI components sold by Telerik) are completely worthless until you can figure out how to use them. The tools may have all the features and power in the world, but if you can't figure out how to harness them in your applications you could likely care less.

Point: When it comes to developer tools, their ability to help you build better applications is only as good as the available support and training.

Teleirk has long covered you on this front better than anybody else in the industry- UI component vendors or otherwise- but we're not content to stop there. At TechEd this week we announced two brand new training resources that are going to help you learn to maximize the value of the RadControls better than ever.

First, Telerik has announced that it is partnering with Falafel Software to deliver regular RadWebinars. These online classes will cover a range of topics, from RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX to Telerik Reporting and from beginner to advanced. They will be taught live by the training experts at Falafel (that means you can ask questions) and they will only cost $99. If you're interested in joining the first class on Telerik Reporting, sign-up now because the seats are almost gone!

Next, we have also announced the introduction of an amazing new tool we're calling the Telerik Trainer. This WPF training tool is easily the most advanced self-paced developer training tool I've ever seen and I think it is going to set a new standard in learning tools. We haven't put the Trainer online yet, but soon you'll be able to download it and see the training goodness for yourself. The best way to describe it for now is screencast tutorials on steriods- but that really fails to convey all of the features. Stay tuned for more details and a link to download the Trainer very soon.

With these new learning tools added to our already vast collection of videos and documentation, you should have no trouble learning how to completely maximize the benefit the RadControls can bring to your projects. We all hope you enjoy the new tools!


Asit said...

Can't wait for the Trainer.