Wednesday, January 03, 2007

watching the industry

When you live and work in an industry as fast paced as software development, it can be difficult to stay current on all of the emerging and evolving technologies in the field. Even if you're primarily a Microsoft developer and you don't have to keep up with all of the open source projects in the world, it can be next to impossible to keep track of everything coming out of Redmond these days (such as LINQ, IIS 7, Longhorn Server, ASP.NET AJAX, etc.).

Thankfully the world of blogging has made this task a little easier to manage. By watching a handful of blogs that are at the center of critical technologies (such as Telerik Watch for tracking Telerik or Win SuperSite for tracking Windows) we can catch important technology announcements without the need to dig around for press releases and release notes.

My Google Homepage has an "Industry Watch" tab dedicated to feeds that give me a bird's-eye view of the ASP.NET and Microsoft development technologies world. The information I gather from these feeds allows me to deliver breaking news to you here on Telerik Watch and keep my knowledge on all things .NET sharp. Here are some of the top feeds from my "Industry Watch" tab:

What's on your "Industry Watch" tab?