Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making the most of Telerik support resources (update)

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where do I get help for finding help?" It's a question along the lines of who cuts my barber's hair? One of life's little quandaries. Fortunately, when it comes to Telerik support, you now have a new resoruce to "help you find help" in the form of a new video on Telerik TV (embedded above).
And this is not just for "n00bs." Sure, the information is basic, but it's very easy for you to overlook one of Telerik's many sources of information and knowledge when hunting answers if you've not recently acquainted yourself with all we have to offer. There are more than 10 unique types of "support" Telerik offers to help you with our tools and controls:
Why so many types of support resources? Because we know that everyone learns in a different way, and we want to make sure no matter your learning style, we've got resources that help you get the job done with Telerik. Check out the video for more information and demos of some of Telerik's support options.
And don't forget...
If you have a Telerik question, your first stop for answers should always be telerik.com/support.