Friday, August 28, 2009

Service Pack 1 for Q2 2009 Telerik ASP.NET controls now available

If you missed the Q2 2009 release of the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, you really missed a good one. Not only did the release feature serveral brand new controls (Captcha, ListBox, BinaryImage, XmlHttpPanel) and tons of feature improvements (like client-side web service binding in RadScheduler), it also featured very few bugs!

A major release always tries to be as "bug free" as possible, but some bugs are a reality in all large software projects. For many major releases, Telerik will ship a "SP1" within 2 to 3 weeks of the release to address all reported issues and fix any major "release bugs." But with Q2 2009, there simply were not a lot of "critical" bugs! So here we are, about 7 weeks after the official release, with a service pack loaded with small improvements and tweaks for all RadControls.
Since so much time has passed since Q2, this really is a bigger than usual SP release. The release notes are a mile long, but I encourage you to browse through them to fully understand what's shipping. One thing you will not find in these release notes: breaking changes. There are none, as there never should be for a SP release!
If you're not interested in studying the notes for yourself, here are some of my favorite Q2 2009 SP1 build highlights:
  • [VS Extensions] Full support for Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1, including new VS "code shortcuts"
  • New "Copy" functionality in RadFileExplorer (hold Cntl + drag to copy item)
  • Improved client-side API for web service binding with RadScheduler
  • New RTL support in RadSplitter
  • Over 20 fixes and improvements for RadEditor - including fix for "the Firefox break tag"
  • Over 20 fixes and improvements for RadGrid
  • Over 20 fixes and improvements for RadScheduler
The fixes in RadScheduler and RadEditor are going to benefit some of my projects right away, and I hope they do they same for you. There is no planned "SP2" for this release cycle, so enjoy the SP1 bits and then stay tuned for previews of our Q3 2009 bits in about a month!