Friday, August 07, 2009

WinForms, Reporting Q2 2009 service packs now available

reportingServicePack The first two service packs from the Q2 2009 release are now available for immediate download. The RadControls for WinForms and Telerik Reporting have each been updated to SP1 and these service packs are heavy hitters. Each delivers some compelling improvements (beyond bug fixes) to the suites and each is worth extra consideration even if you’re not dealing with any bugs. Highlights:

RadControls for WinForms (2009.2.9.729)

  • 5 NEW events in RadDock, many new properties (giving you more control)
  • New DocumentManager in RadDock (makes it easier to manage, manipulate Documents)
  • New CommandManager in RadDock (register your own keyboard shortcuts)
  • 8 NEW events in DragDropService, new properties
  • 50+ bug fixes across all controls

There are 2 breaking changes, one in RadScheduler, one in RadTreeView. The TreeView change will not effect you immediately- it is simply a obsolete property that will be removed in Q3. The Scheduler change, though, is breaking. See the release notes for details.

Telerik Reporting (

  • NEW! Medium Trust support (big improvement for shared environments)
  • NEW support for hyperlinks in HtmlTextBox item (beginning of drill-down report support)
  • Bug fixes in rendering, report viewers
  • 15 bug fixes / improvements to Visual Studio design-time

The SP1s for the other suites are coming soon. The XAML service pack will likely ship next week and the ASP.NET SP will ship later this month. Also, for Q2 2009, we don’t expect to ship a second round of SPs. We were proud to find that our Q2 2009 release was very high quality, and the current SP round should address all reported issues. Make sure you use the Latest Internal Build tool to grab a hotfix if you need it between SP1 and Q3 2009 – which is now only about 3 months away!