Thursday, August 13, 2009

Telerik Watch Minute: Silverlight 3 and Extensions for ASP.NET MVC

Building on yesterday's announcement of the new Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC, this quick (about 7 minute) Telerik Watch Minute is another chance for you to learn about Telerik's newest product and hear answers to some of your more common questions. Of course, you can get many of these answers in the "unofficial FAQs" I've posted, but if you prefer to hear answers instead of reading them (or you just want some reinforcement), take a few minutes to watch this "news only" video. I've also tossed-in a quick introduction to another big Telerik announcement from yesterday that got buried in the ASP.NET MVC excitement- Telerik has released it's "official" support for the Silverlight 3 platform. Get the details in the video embedded above an enjoy another TWM. Watch this Telerik Watch Minute on Telerik TV (full resolution)


Unknown said...

Dude! Your face is glowing!