Wednesday, August 19, 2009

TechPath shows-off use of Telerik Silverlight on Telerik TV

For those of you that enjoy seeing "real world" uses of the Telerik RadControls (and, really, who doesn't?), there is a freshly minted Telerik Real World episode now on Telerik TV. In this episode, Michael Petersen from TechPath and Jake Winett from Microsoft show-off a very cool (and very complex) reference application that TechPath built for Microsoft. The application was originally premiered at the NAB 2009 conference, and it represents a push by Microsoft to show how all of its technologies can be combined to create an efficent media workflow.
TechPath turned to Telerik to help deliver the rich UI that this application called for, specifically using the RadControls for Silverlight. TechPath had 8 weeks (!) to build and deliver version one of this application for NAB, so they needed UI components that were easy to use, easy to learn, and provided all of the powerful features they needed out-of-the-box. Check-out the video to see how TechPath used the RadControls for Silverlight to deliver their solution on time and then stay tuned for more great Telerik Real World episodes.