Monday, August 31, 2009

Vote for Telerik in Windows IT Pro Community Choice Awards

Another day, another online "community choice" awards competition. Like 'em or hate 'em, many people- especially those new to .NET- do rely on the results of these awards to try to figure which companies to pick to help them with their development. You, the experienced .NET developer already familiar with Telerik, obviously don't need community awards to tell you that Telerik's tools and support are industry leading, so this is your chance to help us tell others new to Telerik.

The "finalist" voting for the 2009 Windows IT Pro Community Choice Awards is open now through September 16th, but it's always best to vote right now or else you- like me- will forget. And since Windows IT Pro is not just for developers, there are a lot of categories in this voting you can ignore (if you're looking to save some time) where Telerik is not "competing." All we ask is for your votes in these categories:
  • (#5)Best Business Intelligence & Reporting Product: Telerik Reporting
  • (#10)Best Development Tool: Telerik RadControls
  • (#27)Best Sharepoint Tool: Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and Sharepoint
  • (#30)Best Training & Certification Service: Falafel Software Online & Onsite Training
  • (#32)Best Free or Open Source IT Tool: Telerik WebAii Framework
  • (#33)Best Vendor Tech Support: Telerik!!
We've got some stiff competition in some of these categories- like competing against iTunes as the best free "IT Tool"- so we definitely appreciate each and every one of your votes. If you enjoy your Telerik tools and you appreciate the great work of the Telerik Support Team, take 15 seconds and vote now!