Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the ajax papers: part III (update1)

It seems that this will be the regular cadence for releasing installments in this series. I had hoped to release articles in closer succession, but I guess that's what you get when you release as you write (and research). The third installment in our extensive look at Ajax moves past the implementation of Ajax and looks at the benefits Ajax does (or doesn't) provide to web applications. We cover why you should use Ajax, when you should Ajax, common problems introduced by Ajax, and results of actual tests that show how much real value Ajax provides over PostBacks (comparing RadAjax, ASP.NET AJAX, and traditional PostBacks).

There is also a call for your reader submitted questions at the bottom of the article. As we near the end of this series, I want to make sure I've covered all of your Ajax related questions. If I've missed something or if you want more detail on a specific topic, send your questions to todd.anglin [at] telerik [dot] com. If I receive enough questions, I'll do a special installment in this series that answers all of your questions.

Until then, download the PDF and enjoy the article!

P.S. I apologize for the large PDF size. Word 2007's "Save As PDF" doesn't make PDFs that are very compact and I haven't found a good (cheap) tool for making them any smaller. Sorry!

P.P.S. The online version of this article should is now available on the blogs.