Monday, April 30, 2007

problem: RadControls for Silverlight and new Silverlight plug-ins (update)

As is often the case when you're a pioneer in a new technology, changes to the technology's core can have some dramatic effects on your demos. Such is the case with the recently released RadControls for Silverlight and the new Silverlight 1.0 Beta browser plug-ins. If you install the new 1.0 Beta plug-in (or the Alpha 1.1 for that matter), you will not be able to view the current RadControls for Silverlight demos (which are designed to work with the February CTP plug-ins). If you don't install the new plug-in, you cannot view any of the Silverlight demos currently featured on Bummer.

This problem will be addressed as soon as the RadControls for Silverlight are updated to work with the new beta. Until then, make sure you check-out the RadControls demos before upgrading your browser plug-ins. Capisce?

UPDATE: The Telerik RadControls for Silverlight have been updated to work with the Silverlight 1.0 beta runtime. You may now upgrade without any reservations.