Monday, April 02, 2007

new: code converter Google Gadget

Keeping the momentum rolling, I have just released the the Code Converter Google Gadget. Unlike the the Yahoo! Widget and Code Converter website, the Google Gadget version of Converter has adopted a much simpler UI to help the tool blend-in to your minimalist Google homepages. You can add the new Gadget to your personalized Google Homepage or you can embed it on any page that supports Google Gadget Syndication (such as Blogger and Google Pages).

While you should also be able to use this Gadget in Google Desktop, I have not yet tested it in that application. I have a much richer Yahoo! Widget-like Gadget for Google Desktop mostly built, but unfortunately Google Desktop does not provide good scrollbar support for editable areas (meaning if you add code longer than the edit area, you can't see or edit it...good job Google). I will continue to search for a work around that provides the necessary scrollbar support for Google Desktop, and as soon as I find it I'll post the "real" Google Desktop Widget. Until then, enjoy the latest widget!

Add Code Converter Google Gadget to your personalized homepage now


Shawn said...

Love it,
I am capable of picking through C# and getting to work from it. This tool makes the process so much less painful. Now I can just click the home button in my browser and paste the code.