Wednesday, April 04, 2007

more converter updates

For everybody who prefers the online version of the Code Converter over the widgets, I've got some more improvements that will make your online code converting experience even better. Spurred largely by requests in the Converter forum, I've added two new ways you can view your converted code: Highlighted Syntax and HTML Source (of highlighted syntax).

These new views are easily accessible via new tabs in the results area (powered quite obviously by Telerik's RadTabstrip). Unlike other online code converts that provide highlighted syntax, Code Converter from Telerik gives you all versions of your results at one time so you can easily access the format you need without re-converting your code. The HTML Source view (a first for online converters as far as I can tell) makes it very easy for you to copy your converted code with the highlighting HTML for easy posting in blog or other format that requires the markup.

There is an occasional JavaScript error being caused by the TabStrip, but it does not affect the Converter's functionality. The error should be resolved soon, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up before posting the error in the forums. Enjoy the new tools!


Sean said...

Thanks for the lightning quick response Todd! Love the additions.