Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Q1 Quest almost revealed!

As the Q1 release draws ever closer, the community (i.e. you) continue to work hard to unravel the mysteries contained in this Quest. Over 3,200 people have already contributed their piece to the puzzle and only a few remain before all will be known. In the mean time, the official Quest Forums have been a buzz with speculation. Among the more "interesting" guesses:

  • RadApplicationBuilder - add this to your page, upload your requirement docs, and "BAM"...a beautiful, working, bug-free application. (Sean Brooks)
  • RadBull - give your application wings (Mark Deaney)
  • RadPony - I guess everyone wants one at some point (Mark Fitzpatrick et. al.)
  • RadLotteryWinningNumberPicker - now, honestly. If we had (and I'm not saying we haven't) made this do you think we'd give it away? (Rebecca Rasmussen)
If you haven't contributed your piece to the puzzle, do it now by joining the Quest. If you haven't submitted your speculation, do it now by leaving your best guess on the lively Quest forum thread. For everyone else, stay tuned. All will be revealed very soon...