Monday, April 23, 2007

Q1 is live!

You've been waiting for this day since the Q4 release. The next major Telerik release has arrived and Q1 2007 is now officially live on There are not many secrets to share with you about the release since most of Q1's details were discussed after last week's Quest reveal. But just in case you missed it, here are the highlights:

  • New ASP.NET suite: RadControls "Prometheus" for ASP.NET
    • Includes RadToolTip, RadColorPicker, RadSlider, RadDock, RadSplitter, RadAjax
  • New Telerik Reporting product
  • New RadControls for WinForms controls
    • RadGrid, RadTreeView, RadChart
  • RadInput 2.0
  • New OnRequestError client-side event in RadAjax
  • New skinning and secondary Y-axis support in RadChart
  • Unified export (to Word/Excel) methods in RadGrid
  • RadControls for ASP.NET Learning Guide
For more details, be sure to check out the latest release notes. Watch for more details about this release to pour out over the following days and weeks, especially in regards to "Prometheus". Until then, don't wait another minute and download your copy of the Q1 controls right now! (Hopefully you remembered to upgrade your license, too.)


Pete said...

The new release is great but the training document is making my printer nervous :)

Any chance you make register it with one of the publishing sites ( or similar) so we can order a printed version?

Cheers, Pete

Todd Anglin said...


It's already being looked into and it will likely be done as soon as some of the release activity is behind us. I definitely agree that you don't want to "waste" 1/2 of a toner cartridge on this book, so we'll try to make a published version available soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

Pete said...

That's great - thanks. Love you're site by the way ... Pete