Thursday, April 19, 2007

new features added to converter

As you wait for more details about today's exciting reveal, here is some equally fun news to fill your day. Three new features have been added to Telerik's Code Converter today that significantly enhance the formatted code view:

  • Line number support
  • Alternating line color support
  • Save as HTML
The first two features- line numbers and alternating line colors- can be enabled on the Highlighted Syntax tab via two simple checkboxes. Like the tab key feature, your settings for these controls are automatically saved in a cookie to save you from setting your preferences every time you visit the site to convert code. These features are also ajaxified with Telerik's RadAjax so you can add or remove formatting without reconverting your code.

The last feature, Save as HTML, enables you to easily export the HTML markup for the formatted code to an HTML file for future use (on a blog, for instance). You can easily replicate this functionality by clicking on the "View HTML Source" tab, copying all of the contents, creating a new HTML file, pasting the contents, and saving, but that's way too many steps. Remember, we're here to make your lives easier.

Have fun with the new features and be sure to share your opinions in the forums. I will be updating the online converter comparison chart soon with these features, further distancing Telerik's Code Converter from the pack!