Thursday, April 19, 2007

Q1 secrets revealed!

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Q1 Quest and unlocked the secrets of Telerik's biggest release ever. After some very interesting guesses, we now know the official secrets of Q1 are:

  • RadControls "Prometheus" for ASP.NET - the future of RadControls for ASP.NET built entirely on .NET 3.5 (also known as ASP.NET AJAX). Q1 will include RadToolTip, RadColorPicker, RadSlider, RadAjax, RadDock, and RadSplitter! More on this later...
  • Telerik Learning Guide - you asked for better documentation/tutorials and now you have it! With over 600 pages, this material sets a new benchmark in the .NET component vendor space.
  • RadGrid for WinForms - an incredible Vista-styled grid for WinForms developers
  • RadScheduler - it's finally confirmed! Telerik is hard at work on RadScheduler as part of "Prometheus" and you can expect to see more details in the coming months.
  • RadControls for Silverlight - leading the way on Silverlight development, we revealed today that we are working on RadControls for Silverlight (formerly WPF/e). Watch for more details at Mix 2007!
Expect a flood of blog posts over the next few days as I highlight some of the new controls and share more details about the revealed secrets. This is an exciting time and I can't wait until everyone gets to download these bits on Monday! Was the game worth the wait?

P.S. If you don't see the reveal, try clearing your cache and reloading the Quest page.


Chris Vickerson said...

What kind of controls will you be making for Silverlight? Input controls?

Todd Anglin said...


There really aren't any more details about the Silverlight controls at this time. Watch for some demos during Mix 2007 in about 12 days. More will be revealed at that time.