Friday, April 27, 2007

Sitefinity RC2 in pictures

Sitefinity 3.0 RC2
Here is a gift for the weekend. I've created a complete photo gallery that gives a thorough overview of both the Sitefinity 3.0 administration tools and the sample Telerik International University site (a fine university I must say, though not quite a Texas A&M). The photo gallery is packed full with over 60 screenshots, each and every one with descriptive comments. In general, I find this update to Sitefinity 3.0 to be very compelling. The fit and finish introduced in RC2 is really starting to bring the new features of the CMS together and make it really shine. There are still a few small issues here and there that need to be ironed out before the official release, but that will be no problem with the official release still a few weeks away. I can't wait to start hearing feedback from the community on this latest RC and I really can't wait to see the Sitefinity 3.0 module development community get started. This is going to be a fun platform to extend. Enjoy the slideshow and the release candidate!


mexner said...

great post! Are you an A&M Grad? Class of '00 - Whoop!

Todd Anglin said...

I am an Aggie grad. =) Mays Business School Class of '05. Great University and College- I loved my time there. Good to see another Aggie in the Telerik community!