Wednesday, April 25, 2007

some RadScheduler details

Thanks to an informative forum post from Telerik developer Atanas Korchev, we now have a number of "official" public details on the upcoming RadScheduler control. Here are some highlights from his post:

  • RadScheduler will support recurrence and single occurrence exceptions within the pattern
  • It will have the standard skinning support common to all "Prometheus" controls
  • In case you missed it, RadScheduler will only be available in RadControls "Prometheus"
  • That also means it is .Net 2+ only
  • It will sport three views in version 1: day, week, and month
  • Multi-month, year, time, and other views may be included in future releases
  • Multi-day events will be supported
  • Fully ajaxified, drag-and-drop interactions
  • Preview release due in late May, official release in Q2
It is also important to remember that RadScheduler will be a server control (like all other RadControls) and not a mini-application (like Google Calendar or Outlook Web Access). The RadScheduler component will enable you to create applications like that via rich integration with other RadControls, but it will not be a full featured calendaring application out of the box. Our goal is to make the newest UI tool in the RadControl suite flexible and powerful so developers can quickly build any kind of application they need.

Watch for the preview release in late May to see the early beginnings of RadScheduler. It is unlikely that all of the features listed here will be in the May release since the control is officially targeted for Q2 (which is September 2007), but it will be a good opportunity for you to see what direction the control is taking and provide early feedback to help shape its development!